Millbury Police Department


There are two school districts that serve students within the Town of Millbury, the Millbury Public Schools (K-12) and Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School in Upton, MA (Grade 9-12) which is a vocational-technical high school.

The Millbury Police work in co-operation with both schools. Students from both school districts are involved in the community in various ways and at important events throughout the year.

For your convienece there are links to both schools below as well as the school cancellation page provided by the area TV stations, which will be helpful during the months when inclement weather effects school being open.



***Important Notes*** Important Notes***

1. Check and see what TV/Radion stations your school system reports closings to when/if school is cancelled.

2. Read the web page for the TV station. That may tell you important information regarding how timely the school cancellation listings are on their website.

3. We just provide the links to get you to the page, this website will not tell you if school is open or not.